is a Singapore Company Limited by shares. The company was incorporated on 08 July 2005.

We represent Fogmaker Fire Suppression System from Sweden and Flatsover extended mobility device from Brazil for Singapore and Malaysia.

About us

Safety can never be compromised

Life-saving protection for vehicles and enclosed spaces with Fogmaker fire suppression systems.

Extended mobility device for wheels and tires

The FLATS OVER ™ extended mobility device began in Brazil in 2003. The first model was created to improve the tactical performance of armored vehicles (police and military) in high-risk situations, increasing the operational capacity of police officers.

AF-X Fireblocker – faster than fire

AF-X Fireblocker manufactures, distributes and markets a state-of-the-art & environmentally friendly fire extinguishing system

The AF-X Fireblocker is been powered by APP of ArianeGroup, a joint Venture of Airbus & Safran,

an aerospace company and a world leader in access to space.