Since 2003

The FLATS OVER ™ extended mobility device began in Brazil in 2003. The first model was created to improve the tactical performance of armored vehicles (police and military) in high-risk situations, increasing the operational capacity of police officers. Even after having one or more tires damaged by firearms or other breakdowns, the agents were able to reach out faster and further to rescue a colleague or catch criminals.

A few years later, armored car companies from Brazil and other developing countries with the same road conditions and problems with violence began to order this new security device and offer it to customers who were looking for better performance in case of tire damage.

We have created a simple, extremely reliable and maintenance-free product. These principles continue to guide the ongoing evolution of FLATS OVER ™ products. Our patented technology is certified by the most respected organizations in the world, and has two key elements: high quality elastomer and a stainless steel micro-fusion locking system.

The FLATS OVER ™ device is so simple that it dose not require special tools. With only ratchet, a socket and a screwdriver it is possible to carry out the installation, which can be done in ant tire shop or mechanic.

At FLATS OVER ™ we are continuously investing in research and development. We are regularly improving our products, mainly from feedback of the drivers of civilian, military, police and armored vehicles, as well as of trucks from all over the world.

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